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The Tournament Director 2.4.1.full.rar !!BETTER!!

WinZip 5.0 Portable Full. the Installer of the Tournament Director 2.4.1.full.rar. The Download links are direct into the folder you enter in the "install location" field.Q: How to make a list of all available values for a given item, in a txt file? I would like to make a list of the values of the items available for the selected item, in a txt file. Currently I have the following: public void contextMenuItem2ContextMenu(String item, String group) { System.out.println("name: " + item + " - group: " + group); Vector v = getVect(); Vector v2 = getVect(); v.remove(0); v2.remove(0); List all = new ArrayList(v.size()); for (String s : v) { all.add(s); } for (String s : v2) { all.add(s); } if (item.equals("One")) { for (String s : v) { System.out.println("Line: " + s); } } if (item.equals("Two")) { for (String s : v2) { System.out.println("Line: " + s); } } } Current output: name: One - group be359ba680

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